Engagement Rings Can be More Than DiamondsEngagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

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Engagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend, but the traditional diamond engagement ring has become rather boring. Also, today's cost-conscious couples are finding that a diamond ring can be a big waste of money. My name is Laurie, and I am here to tell you that engagement rings can be just about anything you want them to be. Dare to think outside the box and come up with a ring that is truly an expression of your own personality and your love for your intended. You can choose any stone or no stone, and your engagement ring can be part of your wedding ring or not. It's all up to you!



Important Wedding Trends 2018 Brides Need To Know About

If you've recently agreed to walk down the aisle to meet your beloved at the altar and exchange vows at some point in 2018, you're in luck -- it's a beautiful year to get married. This year's wedding trends feature a combination of old school elegance and modern sophistication. Romance is still big in 2018, although the overblown flowery looks of recent years have been toned down -- this year is about streamlined glamor with unexpected yet delightful modern touches. Following are just a few of 2018's most important wedding trends to provide you with inspiration. 

Wedding Dress and Accessory Trends for 2018

Colored wedding dresses have been a thing for the last five years or so, but white is back this year in a big way. You'll also see lots of frothy flounces, yards of lace, and capes. Mini capes of delicate lace shimmer on bare arms and shoulders when paired with summer wedding dresses, while winter brides may opt for more substantial floor length capes made of satin, silk, or even fur. 

This is also the year of the fitted dress, with well-defined hips and waists shown off by form fitting bodices and shoulders showcased by classic sweetheart necklines. 

Overdone veils are out this year, with many brides opting for delicate pearl tiaras, forehead bands, or even simple barretts inlaid with seed pearls. This year's brides are also showing a penchant for shoulder duster earrings, hoop earrings, delicate diamond pendants, and chokers with low necklines.

Even though the wedding dress trend of colored gowns is dying out, at least for now, color is still being used as accents. Brides with an edgy fashion sense may appreciate 2018's wedding dress trend of using black accents with white gowns. Long black gloves, belts, and even capes are showing up at weddings all across the country. 

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trends for 2018

This year's engagement rings are big on both oval and pear shaped gems. Mixing metals is big this year, too. For instance, you may choose to wear a lovely engagement ring with a band of classic white gold and pair it with a designer wedding band made of rose gold. It's also trendy this year to combine metals on the same piece of jewelry, such as the setting in an engagement ring being made from rose or yellow gold while the band part of the ring is platinum. 

One of this year's most important trends in wedding jewelry is that the stones don't necessarily have to be diamonds. If you're an amethyst lover, for instance, you can opt for a lovely amethyst solitaire or a wedding band studded with smaller amethysts -- the same thing goes with sapphires, rubies, or any other stones you may prefer over diamonds. Custom ring stacks are another of 2018's significant trends. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for 2018

This year's wedding makeup, for the most part, is understated and natural, featuring neutral palettes designed to let the unique beauty of the bride shine through. This look requires that skin is clean and very well exfoliated. Two of the biggest hair trends of the year are elaborate, expertly tousled braids and beachy, free flowing tresses. Long haired brides are also wearing bows this year, usually fairly low on the back of their heads and holding loose strands of curls. Flowers in the hair instead of veils is another fresh look this year's brides are freely embracing. 

Please feel free to reach out to your local jeweler for more information on the best of this year's wedding trends, including the latest designer wedding bands.