Engagement Rings Can be More Than DiamondsEngagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

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Engagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend, but the traditional diamond engagement ring has become rather boring. Also, today's cost-conscious couples are finding that a diamond ring can be a big waste of money. My name is Laurie, and I am here to tell you that engagement rings can be just about anything you want them to be. Dare to think outside the box and come up with a ring that is truly an expression of your own personality and your love for your intended. You can choose any stone or no stone, and your engagement ring can be part of your wedding ring or not. It's all up to you!



3 Tips For Celebrating Your Milestone Anniversary

When you are married, every anniversary has the potential to be special. After all, it can be quite exciting to celebrate your special and important relationship with the person you love. If you are preparing to celebrate a milestone anniversary, you might be even more excited. If you are wondering how to celebrate this special anniversary, consider these ideas.

1. Consider Anniversary Jewelry

If you and your spouse are looking for gift ideas for gifts that you can give to one another as a celebration of your anniversary, then you may want to think about investing in anniversary jewelry. Buying a special ring so that you can celebrate your major anniversary could be a great idea; some people do this and wear the anniversary ring along with their wedding ring. If you don't want another ring or if you're looking for something else for your spouse, you can look for a necklace, bracelet or other type of jewelry to commemorate your milestone anniversary.

2. Think About Hosting a Party

For many people a milestone anniversary is actually the perfect time to host a party. You might not have gathered with your close family members and friends to celebrate your special relationship since your wedding, so now might be the time to invite everyone to get together for a nice dinner or a fun party. You can host a small, intimate gathering, a huge, exciting bash or something in-between, depending on your budget and you and your spouse's preferences.

3. Consider Spending Some Alone Time

On the other hand, you may not want to gather with friends and family members to celebrate your anniversary. Instead, you could be hoping to spend some time alone. Even if you do want to host a party with your loved ones, you might still want to make plans to spend some alone time with one another. In your busy lives that might involve work, school, kids and more, you and your spouse might not have a ton of time to spend with one another. You could consider taking a trip so that the two of you could focus on one another, or you could do a "staycation" or date night. 

If you and your spouse are getting ready to celebrate your milestone anniversary, then you probably want to make sure that you get it right. The ideas above can help you get started with coming up with the right plans for your upcoming anniversary. Hopefully, you and your spouse will be able to really enjoy yourselves.