Engagement Rings Can be More Than DiamondsEngagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

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Engagement Rings Can be More Than Diamonds

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend, but the traditional diamond engagement ring has become rather boring. Also, today's cost-conscious couples are finding that a diamond ring can be a big waste of money. My name is Laurie, and I am here to tell you that engagement rings can be just about anything you want them to be. Dare to think outside the box and come up with a ring that is truly an expression of your own personality and your love for your intended. You can choose any stone or no stone, and your engagement ring can be part of your wedding ring or not. It's all up to you!


Custom or Stock Engagement Rings? FAQs About These Options

Custom or stock design—which one is the right choice? Engagement rings are not all the same. This means you have options galore. If you're not sure whether to design a personalized bauble for your love or select a stunning stock piece, take a look at the questions to ask before you invest in an engagement ring.

What Is Your Soon-to-Be Spouse's Personal Style?

Your love is one-of-a-kind. But does that mean they need a ring that no one else on the planet has? The answer to this question depends on your soon-to-be spouse's style. If your partner has an eclectic, dramatic side, an independent aesthetic, or is a total standout, start your search with a custom jewelry designer. 

Has Your Future Fiance Pointed Out Possibilities Already?

After years together, this engagement is not exactly a surprise. While your significant other may not know where, when, or how you'll propose, they have already started shopping for rings. Even though their shopping activities may only include paging through magazines, looking at the baubles on other brides' hands, or browsing wedding websites, they already have a clear idea of what they want. If your partner has already pointed out a ring they found from a local jeweler or an online option, you know that this stock option is the way to go. But if they've only given you general ideas or like bits and pieces from different rings, consider a custom creation.

How Much Control Do You Want Over the Design?

Even though custom engagement rings are made by experienced, knowledgeable jewelry professionals, the design will need you to guide the process. Unlike a stock option, you will have more say in the look, quality, and overall style of a custom ring. If you don't want to leave the elements of design up to someone else entirely, start your search with a custom jeweler. Think of this pro as your partner in the design process. They will provide you with their expertise and you will help them to shape the ring's aesthetic. 

What Is Your Budget?

How much does a ring cost? According to Brides' 2020 American Wedding Study, the average cost of an engagement ring was $3,756. This figure is significantly lower than the 2018 statistic–when couples spent an average of $7,829 on a ring. 

While it might seem like a stock option is the least expensive engagement ring choice, this isn't always true. The price of a ring depends on a few factors. These include the jeweler, the type of stone (including the cut, clarity, and carat weight), the type of metal, the brand (if it is a stock ring), and additional gemstones or accents. Before you assume that a custom design won't fit into your ring budget, talk to the jeweler. The designer can help you to understand the market price of a ring and how to create a custom piece that falls within your price range.

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